Act Now!

Here are some things you can do now to show you Support the report:

(You can also check out our resources section for more)

Please share with us additional resources !  Email us at

Tell your story

Why is science important to you?  Tell us about you, who you are (scientist, patient, parent, student, or other), and why you think we should invest more in fundamental research and support the report.

Use the following link to submit your story to us. 

Submit a story for the Support the report website

We will review all stories and reach out to you if your story is chosen to be featured on this website.


On twitter: #SupportTheReport

Explain the reasons why you support the Naylor report, using these: #SupportTheReport @JustinTrudeau @Bill_Morneau

Write to your MP:

Our colleagues at Evidence for Democracy have developed a great tool kit to aid in letter writing:

Sign the SPE Open Letter: Students supporting the Fundamental Science Review


Post a video testimonial (1-2 min) on how funding for fundamental research has impacted your life in a short video

Request a Meeting with your MP

Our colleagues at Association of Canadian Early Career Health Researchers have put together an outstanding step-by-step guide for researchers connecting with MPs:


For Trainees:  Put a Face on Canadian Science: Twitter Campaign

CSMB’s campaign: Next Generation of Canadian Science – #NextGenCanScience #SupportTheReport – Visit the CSMB website for more details

Print out attached sign in English or French and add your name. Take a picture of yourself doing research holding the sign and tweet your selfie to @JustinTrudeau @Bill_Morneau.

Tweets can include:

  • recent research findings
  • area of study
  • whether you have studentship or fellowship from CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC

In order to promote the campaign and to ensure Tweets are seen by the federal government, please include the following:


#SupportTheReport @JustinTrudeau @Bill_Morneau
View examples below: