FINA Pre-budget consultations in advance of the 2018 budget – Canada’s standing committee on finance is coming to Eastern Canada

The House Finance Committee is travelling in Eastern Canada this week for public hearings.
We invite you to participate in these consultations to promote the implementation of the Naylor report.  You can sign-up to participate in open mic sessions as described in this news release:
These are the last dates to get your voice heard by the committee:

16 October: St. John’s, Newfoundland

17 October: Halifax, Nova Scotia

18 October: Montreal, Quebec

19 October: Windsor, Ontario

20 October: Toronto, Ontario.

A consistent message across all sites is important, and should follow from the Naylor report.  Three important points to highlight are

  1. Canada used to be a world-leader in supporting investigator-driven research, expending 2% of GDP in 2003 (90% of OECD average).  After over a decade of repeated cuts, we now spend 1.7% (<80% of OECD average). This puts us behind countries like Germany, US, Israel, Switzerland, Korea,  but also Slovenia, Taiwan, Iceland). source:
  2. This investment will train the next generation in STEM so Canada can lead in the emerging knowledge economy
  3. Discovery based science is the foundation for new treatments for disease, potential cures and a better life for Canadians

Wondering how researchers should engage politicians? Quebec’s Chief Scientists, Rémi Quirion has some advice:

10 tips for making researchers’ voices heard by politicians



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