MacLean’s: To help foundations help Canada, our fundamental research system must improve

Leaders of high-profile family foundations across Canada on the need for world-class research, for their work and for future businesses
In this article, signed by Naomi Azrieli, Sandra Bouchard, Arthur Irving, Rosamond Ivey, Mark Krembil, Jacquie Labatt, Larry Tanenbaum, Lorne Trottier, and Peter Webster, leaders of some of Canada’s most important foundations highlight the importance for all Canadians of support for fundamental research.

…we believe that supporting fundamental research at higher funding levels and in better-coordinated ways is vital for Canadian prosperity. We cannot know what economic sectors and technological specialties will drive the national and global economy in decades ahead. However, we do know that other countries are investing vigorously in their research systems, with emerging economies challenging more established ones for leadership. Only by ensuring a truly world-class cadre of talented researchers and research facilities in Canada can we expect to keep up with the global competition and lead the way to the basic and applied research of the future.

Read the full article in MacLean’s:

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