Natalie Zemon Davis on the importance of curiosity in humanities research

The best research starts with curiosity

From University of Toronto News:

Zemon Davis has joined a chorus of experts, including Nobel Prize-winning chemist John Polanyi, urging the Canadian government to move on the recommendations of Canada’s Fundamental Science Review. A panel, chaired by U of T President Emeritus Dr. David Naylor, calls for a $1.3-billion boost in funding for university-based research over four years – an increase they say amounts to only 0.4 per cent of the government’s annual budget.

“The panel recommends the support of work that is not necessarily able to be commercialized right away or right away translated into something practical,” Zemon Davis says. “It recommends the support of the work of young people who might be overlooked in the quest for number of publications. It supports the work of Indigenous people and especially the life and past of Indigenous people in Canada. These are marvelous ideas.”

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