Young scientists face too many funding obstacles

Read an Opinion by Mark Lautens in The Globe and Mail: Young scientists face too many funding obstacles. 

Mark Lautens is the J.B. Jones distinguished professor at the University of Toronto.


The most important outcome of scientific research isn’t patents or products. It’s people who can think and solve our toughest problems. 

Meanwhile, the metrics are clear. Canada is losing ground in science relative to peer nations. If we want to educate brilliant young people who will move this country forward, we need to give them environments where they can learn to solve hard problems – in basic science and, yes, a range of other disciplines. That can only happen if the government of Canada makes a major investment in basic research in general, and supports our most promising younger researchers and our trainees in particular.

We simply cannot succeed as a society if we are constantly paying a premium for knowledge-based products and services created in other countries.

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