Articles in Science and Nature on Fundamental research in Canada

Read two recent articles about the decline of fundamental research in Canada :

Canada’s basic science at risk of fading away, report argues
By Wayne Kondro, published inScience, June 28, 2017

Survey reveals basic research in Canada is falling by the wayside | The number of researchers who work on basic-science questions has dropped precipitously.
By Nicola Jones, published in Nature, 28 June 2017


From UNESCO: Canada rehabilitating government science

From the UNESCO website:

Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary on 1 July 2017. Since the federal election in late 2015 brought a Liberal government to power after almost a decade of a Conservative administration, science and technology have been central to the country’s rebranding. Here, Paul Dufour, Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa and author of the chapter on Canada in the UNESCO Science Report, reviews some key policy developments in Canadian science since the report was published 19 months ago.

Read this article: Canada rehabilitating government science


Trudeau government must invest in basic science: Editorial by Toronto Star

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan didn’t promise new investment for scientific research Wednesday. That’s a shame since it’s so important to the future of the country’s economy.

Read the full editorial in the Toronto Star:


Media stories

Read a few recent media stories about the Naylor report:

Why Canadian scientists aren’t happy

The Liberal government’s latest science policy is a backwards factory for producing white elephants

Paul Wells in MacLean’s

June 29, 2017


Decade of sparse funds chased scientists out of ‘fundamental’ research, researchers argue

Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen – June 28, 2017


Science Minister Kirsty Duncan ready to begin science funding overhaul


SCIENCE REPORTER — The Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Jun. 28


Canadian scientists labouring under massive funding gap, report finds

A report released Wednesday found 40 per cent of Canadian scientists changed the direction of their research program in the past 10 years — usually away from basic science.

By KATE ALLEN, Toronto Star Science and Technology reporter

Wed., June 28, 2017

 To improve access to science funding, Support the report

Liisa Galea,

Oldies but Goodies, still relevant:

A lesson for policy-makers from the life of Tony Pawson

‘View basic science as a long-term investment that will yield completely unexpected dividends’
Paul Wells
August 10, 2013

Youtube video: Funding basic science to revolutionize medicine

Funding Basic Science to Revolutionize Medicine, 2013 FASEB Stand Up for Science

Should you fund research to discover:

a-            How bacteria protect themselves

b-            Developing an affordable treatment for diabetes

The Canadian Science Policy Centre has put together A Comprehensive Collection of Publications Regarding Canada’s Fundamental Science Review Panel Report